Museum of Natural History

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have an exhibition display?

Yes, the Museum of Natural History in Guildford
131 James St, Guildford WA 6055
Open 6 days a week – Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00am to 5:00pm
Street car parking available

Do you mount Birds/Animals/Reptiles/insects..?

Yes, depending on quality of deceased specimen.

Do you mount marine life?

Yes, specialising in crustaceans. For some examples go to Gallery page or visit our Museum.

Do you treat skulls/bones/skeletons/horns/velvet antlers?


Do you renovate/restore antique skin rugs and mounts?


Do you mount domestic pets?

Yes. For more information/availability/terms please contact us.

Do you taxidermy Life-size Game/Shoulder mounts?


Do you hire specimens/dinosaurs?

Yes. We have a huge variety of specimens (different species) on display available for hire.
The total price for hiring is depending on chosen specimens and length of hiring period. (Please refer to Hire page)
I would suggest you to visit our Museum before choosing specimens (only 30% from all displays are presented on our web picture gallery). Package deals available.

Do you sell Taxidermy supplies?

Depending on requested supplies and availability.

Do you buy taxidermy specimens?

Depending on species, origin, quality and price.

Do you run courses?

Depending on our work commitment schedule.

Can I get to the Museum of Natural History Academy of Taxidermy by public transport?

Yes, by Train to Guildford Station (Midland line) and by Bus Route 36

Do you accept donations?

Yes, donations are always welcome and very much appreciated. By donating you are helping to enhance the Museum collection. Mounts wanted. Donation Form to be completed by the donor/owner of donation.