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About the Academy

About the Academy

Michael Buzza’s taxidermy specimens are utilised by educational institutions, marketing companies, video and film production houses, museums, and DBCA (Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions).

For promotional ideas using taxidermy specimens, please see Animals For Promotion. Animals currently available for hire can be seen at Mounted Animals For Hire and Replica Animals.

Superbly crafted, glass display cabinets can be custom built to present your taxidermy masterpieces. We will also repair and restore existing taxidermy work, animal skins, rugs and wall hangings.

The Academy of Taxidermy is committed to fair and ethical practices. We only work on animals that have died of natural causes. The quality of our taxidermy work is paramount.

For any further enquiries regarding the Academy of Taxidermy and Michael’s taxidermy work and services, please contact us.